Baking with Chocolates (2)

(pic by UKTV)
As if talking about chocolates isn’t enough, I’m actually having a chocolate cake hang over! Ate loads of chocolate cake during the week (this is one of my Achilles’ heels!), was pleasantly surprised at the quality of chocolate supplied us by ‘IMIT CHOCOLATES’, it was a really nice hybrid between semi-sweet and couverture chocolate, I had a really good time using it.

My sister ‘Kupy just mentioned it to me over the phone that she isn’t a fan of chocolates or anything made out of it and I laughed it off considering the fact that I had that same view years back when I hadn’t really explored ‘the chocolate terrain’ but now, I’m close to what you call a chocoholic, even my ice-cream must have at least a dash of it and my hubby knows (whenever he travels) no welcome present is complete without a box of hand-made chocolates!

Ok, before I go off tangent with my choc-chats, let me allow you explore the wonderful world of chocolate cakes through the following websites:,,182584_716423,00.html

At my sister’s request, I’ll talk about pies next week, I still don’t know what exactly she wants to know about pies, but I’ll ask her over the phone so I can post a piece about it, maybe she might be the voice of many others seeking to improve their skill with pastries…

Tip of the week: ‘when a student is ready, the master will appear’.