Delicious Pies

I've had a very busy couple of weeks and each time I come online to post any piece, I just fizzle out from exhaustion and I thought to myself, what's the point writing out of fatigue, it just wouldn’t be my best, so I decided to 'chill out' and get my rhythm back again, so here 'I am fired up and ready to go!'

Pictures they say, speak a thousand words, so I’ll post more than one this week to illustrate the diverse range of pies available.
According to wikipedia, ‘a pie is baked dish made of a pastry dough (flour, butter, salt, and water being the basic component) shell that covers or
completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients.
Whether you use a frangipani or a meat pie cutter, the most important thing
to know about making pies is getting the dough right.
Ideally pies are made using one part flour, half part butter, and other components
include salt or sugar, baking powder and flavourings depending on what you
in Nigeria, the best known pies are meat pies, chicken pies, and fish pies. Although
in the commercial sense of the word, meat pies are usually potato pies because they
usually have a lot of potatoes mixed with very little minced beef!
I found a site where absolutely anything you wish to know about pastries and pies are explained, so I'l just go ahead and post it so you could get all the information you are looking for:

Tip of the week: Overmixing develops too much gluten which causes a tough pastry.