How Much Should A Wedding Cake Cost?

This is a very tricky question! I would have loved the cheapest wedding cake to cost a million bucks! (just kidding!). On a serious note, the chiche 'different strokes for different folks' couldnt be more true when it comes to the issue of costing 'your' wedding cake.

These days, most wedding cakes are a work of art usually expressing a couple's personality and style hence the cost of such is highly subjective. As with every work of art, the more details, or intricate patterns and overall design, the more pricey the cake and this is usually the type of cakes sought after by 'couture brides'- cakes that make a statement or what i call a 'themed wedding cake'. A classic wedding cake would also do the trick and this type of wedding cake is usually not too expensive.

The latest vogue in low-budget wedding cake is the 'tier-ed cup-cake wedding cake; where you have a couple of cup cakes say about 20 or more arranged on a tier-ed cake stand, it's a creative way to save cost! (would try n post a pic of each type of wedding cake described above, so u cld appreciate why cost is subjective...)Another consideration is how close you are to the cake designer, are you close acquaintances, family relations or purely on a professional basis? all these factors play a vital role in the cost of a wedding cake.

However you choose to look at it, your general philosophy of life should come to bear in the bottom line - it's really your prerogative. Pls dont feel guilty if your cake costs an arm and a leg and dont feel bad either if it's cheaper than a loaf of bread, what matters ultimately is the '...happily ever after' factor which not even the most expensive wedding can buy! If in doubt, ask Princess Diana(MHSRIP) and prince Charles!...( with due respect!)ciao.
Tip of the week: cut your coat according to your cloth!...
see you next week (hopefully!)


  1. Really pretty looking cakes..
    Do they taste half as good as they look? Or much better?

  2. @ RocNaija, the proof of the pudding (oops! cakes) is in the eating...give us a ring today to find out!


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