Sponge Cake or what?

Baking sponge cakes in pans deeper than 3inches is an absolute no no!, the cake would sink in and become very dense leaving a ‘mash’ of undercooked batter in the middle, for an evenly baked fluffy sponge cake use shallow pans of at least 2 inches deep and at most 3 inches deep. Don’t forget not to fill your pan beyond the ¾ full so it doesn’t spill over the pan as it rises.
To get that extra fluffiness with your sponge cake separate the yolks from the white add the yolk one at a time and then beat the white and fold in alternating with the flour. It should be alright.
(pic culled from academiabarilla.com)
Another point to note (from experience) I don’t trust self-raising flours I would rather you used plain soft flour and then measure in your baking powder according to your recipe, reason being that baking powder is delicate and when pre-combined with flour and allowed to sit for a while, its ‘raising’ properties is diminished.
I only use self raising flour when im doing small cakes like muffins for my kids or guests and not large cakes for weddings etc.
I also used half part butter with half part margarine for a more flavourful cake, again this only works for small cakes, but with large cakes, it can be a nightmare cutting through and layering!

If you like vanilla cake try hinting it a bit with some strawberry flavour and the result is awesome, if you don’t like anything strawberry (like my mentor) then just stick with your good old vanilla-flavoured cake!

So peeps, keep on baking, the more you bake, the better you’ll get at it.

All of the above are enough tips for the week! So adios till next week!
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