Funke Adenaike & Dipo Ajenifuja

Funke Adenaike is absolutely gorgeous! I really enjoy her polite sense of humor and descriptive used of the English language to express without any drama or alarmed recognition her perspective and nuances. Coupled with her very british accent, I must say she's refreshingly a couture bride, yet down-to-earth.

I'm truly privileged to be commissioned to do her Nigerian wedding cake, Thanks to Onomo Ukwa and the bride's elder sister Bose...Cant wait to see what her white wedding cake in England would look like, come d-day! lol!

Big congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Dipo Ajenifuja!

Here are glimpses into her very fabulous wedding cake laced at the background (unfortunately, not captured by my camera) with a rich array of colour, humor, tradition and fun, all in one fell-swoop. Nostalgic memories linger...