Welcome to the season of love! Guess you’re racking your brain trying to think of the perfect gift that will express how much you love that special person. The perfect cologne, perfect flower, perfect chocolate, perfect cake........ Wait a second did you say “the perfect cake”?. Well you can rest on that one because in this season of love, we will take you on a love voyage as we explore the sensual “red velvet” , the exotic “heart of chocolate”, the seductive “moist vanilla”, the exciting “madeira” and a mouth-watering endless varieties of cakes...
…For all you food buffs, we will satisfy your cravings with recipes of cakes on our love menu.
Do you really want to log on to love this season? Well, we’ve got the password you are searching passionately for!

Simple decadent val cake recipe;
( you can get everything on the recipe from park n shop OR any good supermarket in your neighbourhood)
Flour 200g
Sugar 200g
Butter 200g
Eggs 4
Mix all ingredients in on bowl all at the same time, don’t worry about the order! Add 2 spoons of milk for extra ‘mushiness’!(any regular spoon would do). Stir into a regular foil pack (the ones used for take aways)and bake in a preheated oven (175C). for about 20mins.
Love icing:
200g icing sugar
100g butter
7 pieces of fresh strawberries ( you can get a pack from park n shop)
Mix butter and icing sugar in a bowl and add halved strawberries. Scoop lovingly over freshly baked cake. Set on the table for the love of your life and I leave the rest to your imagination!
Deliciously yours,
Lilian Williams
p.s let’s know what happened afterwards!