Obafemi Otudeko's 'Polo Player' Birthday Cake

' I looooove sugarcrafting!' Sounds like broken record, I know! But sincerely, I think Im a sugarcrafter by default, meaning no matter how much more of other things I do, ( trust me I do so much more!) I'd probably be most 'in the zone' with designing and decorating on a sugar medium.

Many thanks to Olaniyi Awosope, a guy with style and class who commissioned me to execute the toughest job so far of sculpting a 'polo player on a horse 'as cake accent for Obafemi Otudeko, Executive Director of Honeywell Group.

Initially I thought this dude must be outta his mind! But I figured limits only exist in the mind, why not try at least and then bingo! after a couple of attempts (too ashamed to tell you how many!) I entered the zone once more and voila!...

One lesson I learnt from this: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. Period!