I hear you loud and clear!

One of my very close “britico” friends was asking me the other day if I could make him a monster cookie cupcake. I promptly assumed he wanted me to make him a cookie monster cupcake so I decided on something really cool. I was particularly intrigued when I asked him how many dozens he’d like, to which he answered ‘haba Juliet! I only want one naw’ So not letting the chip off my shoulders, I set out with a wrong perception of what my buddy/client wanted… It felt sort of weird baking a single cupcake in my giant oven! Cupcake ready!... ...‘Juls, what is this?’ he asked, cookie monster cake? I said MONSTER COOKIE cupcake, not COOKIE MONSTER cupcake! (yelling at top of his voice)to which I retorted bewildered, ‘why didn’t you just say GIANT cookie cupcake? LOL!!!