Count Down to Valentine!

What is your love language? Say what. Does love have a language? Lol...honestly, first time I heard that phrase love language, I was beside myself with laughter. I didn't realise love had a language until I later found out that mine was bilingual! Lol... I couldn't just understand why I was once described as "ungrateful" simply because I didn't quite show a lot of my usual exuberance once I got this "special gift" from this person. I was polite and courteous with an appropriate "thank you to go with it; but alas! This person didn't "feel" me as excited...long story short, once I got on that journey of personal discovery and self-awareness why gifts dont really "trip" me I then decoded this complaint about my "seeming aloofness". I don't feel as much love with Gifts as I do with acts of service. What I mean is this: If you love me, work for me! Words of encouragement sounds good, but trust me, I can encourage myself! The special things that give me that wow-factor feeling are "acts of service" and "quality time". Entrepreneurs are freaks of nature, we are givers and not takers, so to make us really feel loved, come and work for us! Lol... I dedicate this post to every baker and cake decorator out there working tirelessly to ensure you have those special yummy gifts of cakes, chocolates, flowers, and other very suggestive gift items to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day. From our stable, check out the "heart-Of-Chocolate"cakes,"Open-heart Strawberry Shortcake" and our signature MRVCH cake! Just click our online store to order directly. All our deliveries this season will be done by Easy-Taxi as usual. We are here for you... One more
special dedication to Valerie Dawodu, thanks babes!