Quail Eggs, the ultimate!

Have you ever baked with quail eggs? A friend of mine Bolanle Longe introduced these eggs to me as a nutritional powerhouse. I thoroughly enjoyed them in my salads and thought it would be nice to include them in my baking. My instincts were so very right when I invented my very own quail eggs cake recipe! Check this out! veg oil 3tbsp milk 3tbsp brown sugar 4tbsp Flour 4tbsp cocoa powder 3tbsp quail eggs 4pcs baking powder 1tsp salt 1/8tsp mixed spice 1/2tsp freshly grated coconut 1tbsp (Power up your flour by replacing half of the it with whole grain wheat) and if you are gluten intolerant, replace flour completely with almond meal or teff mix them all up starting from the wet ingredients then add all dry ingredients, pour in a 4inch heart-shaped pan. Bake for about 30mins and there you have your very own Juls'-Quail Egg-Cake. I like to serve mine with a dollop of whipped cream right in the middle of the heart!
Try it and post your comments if you have any! Enjoy your power-packed fun treat... P.S Learn how to create your own recipes. Send me a mail: juliet@cakeflair.net